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Your FAITH COACH and good God girlfriend extraordinaire. 

About Lady Nicole Green

Pastor Nicole Green is a multi-faceted Woman of God that loves the Lord and lives life to the fullest.


Pastor Nicole is the First Lady and Executive Director of Emmaus Christian Church in Indianapolis, Indiana, a powerful Preacher/Teacher, a TV & Radio Host/Producer, Entertainment Industry Executive, and Business Woman. Above all, she’s THE Faith Chick.


In every position, her true calling is getting YOU Unstuck from whatever strongholds are stopping you from the God-given, Bible driven life destined for you. She truly believes “you can have and do it all!” Her favorite words: I AM UNSTOPPABLE! And so are you! She has overcome the odds by using the GOD kind of faith to live in His promise. Her goal is to encourage people to become their “BEST ME.” She lives an UNAPOLOGETIC lifestyle focused on pleasing GOD, living to the fullest and looking good while doing it. Her energetic and infectious personality captivates audiences and everyone who comes in contact with her. After a few moments in her presence, Nicole’s zest for life is clearly recognized.


In addition to Lady Nicole’s many positions, she is the First Lady of Emmaus Christian Church (ECC) where she serves with her Husband, Pastor Henzy Green, M.Div. She is the visionary of the highly successful conference No More Silly Women. The conference has transformed the lives of women from all walks of life. Pastor Lady Nicole’s effervescent personality provides a solid foundation from which she is a firm believer of being “The Best Me”. As the First Lady of ECC, she counsels families, married couples, and people who find their lives in crisis. She is a Faith Coach that gets to the bottom of problems. She’s no nonsense, snatching the band-aid off the issue, putting some Neosporin on it and pushing you to make the hard decisions. Nicole is “The Girlfriend” you want by your side when you are making life’s toughest decisions. Cheerleader, Confidant, or Coach She can be whatever you need to get you toyour next.

Nicole’s love of people and life transcends all of her different positions. She has the ability to relate to a wide spectrum of people. Nicole can sup with the rich or hang with the homeless. Her uncanny ability to relate to all people is an asset in every genre. Nicole’s dedication and work ethic has led to her constant growth and development. She thrives in fast pace environments and enjoys any challenge.


“Don’t allow your surroundings to dictate your Destiny if you stay focused and do

the work you can live on purpose.”

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Lady Nicole Green

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