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This is not your average life coaching program. This is Faith Coaching to the Co. Degree.

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CoChick Coaching is your multi-tiered program to become a Faith Chick yourself. No matter what level you sign up for-each tier is design to take you from wherever you are-the the next level of Faith God wants for you. You'll have exclusive access to content, FA1TH Works Merch and access to one on one, group and laser coaching to THE Faith Chick herself, Lady Nicole Green. 

CoChick Coaching

No matter what level of Faith you're at, there's a CoChick Coaching program for you.


The Team

  • Access to exclusive content, and Merch 

  • First look at all sales and launch updates

  • Access to the Company-The Faith Chick Co. group 

  • Access to 1/month Company Briefings-Faith Intensives from The Faith Chick herself


The Board 

  • All access to the Team's perks plus: 

  • 2/month Board Meetings-laser focused group Coaching with others at your Company level

  • Quarterly Board Virtual Gathering with real time giveaways and Merch drops with First Look Access

  • This is for those who grasp their faith levels and know where to go-but just aren't sure how to get there


The Execs

  • All access to The Board's perks plus:

  • One on one coaching sessions with Lady Nicole Green 2/month

  • Tier Exclusive content and Merch

  • Automatic discounts on Merch 

  • Tier Exclusive Masterclasses

  • Tier Exclusive weekly teachings

  • Discounted Invitation To The Annual No More Silly Women Conference

  • Automatic discounts on No More Silly Women Merch 

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