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Introducing LifeWords-Keys, the perfect accessory to unlock the best version of yourself. With the option to customize your life word and choose your preferred key and chain color, these keys are more than just a piece of jewelry- they hold the power to unlock your potential. Whether you need a daily reminder of faith, hope, love, or joy, LifeWords is the wearable key to unlock all that life has to offer and more. Invest in yourself and unlock your best life with LifeWords-Keys.
Key Color
Chain Color
  • Product Description

    LifeWords-Keys are approximately 2.5in in size and come as a box shaped-type key with the standard serated edge, customizable to your preferred 8 characters or less word. There is an upcharge of $5/per customization for non standard (gold, black, silver) key & chain colors.

  • Fulfillment

    As eah key is custom made and ordered, please anticipate a 21 Business Day Production order fulfillment with an added 5 business day shipping window.

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